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Mimi is a proud graduate from Harrisburg Area Community College’s massage therapy program. After about 7 years of working as a cosmetologist, seeing how human touch plays a huge role in people’s lives, she decided she wanted to work with clients on an even deeper level of healing. Because of her interest in the study of human anatomy and physiology, plus working with clients, she decided to take the leap and enrolled in the massage therapy program! Mimi helps her clients to relax during their sessions and also educates her clients on ways to improve their quality of function outside of the treatment room. Trained in Reiki and practicing since 2014, she not only understands the functions of the physical body but also the elements of the energetic bodies. Marrying the knowledge of these two subjects has opened her eyes to healing in a very holistic way.
She really likes working in a profound way with myofascial and deep tissue techniques, and mobilizing the joints. She hopes to refine these techniques and aspires to work with pre/post-natal clients.

During her free time, Mimi is a book worm. You may catch her in the middle of 3 different books! Some are subjects to continue her education. She has been practicing yoga since 2012 and has a regular meditation routine. She and her husband love to take walks outdoors and visit state parks. Along with her husband, her family includes two cats who both really enjoy a good Reiki session!

Mimi is currently working at a wellness center in York, Pennsylvania as a massage therapist and reiki energy practitioner. If you would like to book a massage therapy or reiki session, please refer to the ‘Book a session with me’ page or click the button below! 

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