Self-care during COVID-19

During this pandemic I think a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed, lost, and depleted. We’re worrying about our health and our loved ones’ health,  wondering when this will calm down so that we can resume our normal daily lives. 

Oftentimes in stressful situations, especially ongoing, we forget to take a few moments to care for our body and our mind. This could be because we are keeping busy to stray our mind off of the anxiety of the current situation, caring for loved ones, trying to help children with their education and keeping them occupied themselves, or we just aren’t feeling the motivation to even bother. Whatever the reason, we need to have even just 10 minutes to ourselves everyday to be able to unwind and process things. 

If you found yourself at this blog post, you are probably wondering what are some things you can do to care for yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of you might have even had regular appointments with massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, or other wellness professionals that are unavailable for you to visit now. And those of you who have, know you can feel the difference when you stop going to your appointments. Hopefully these professionals have given you some self-care advice in their scope of practice in the past to help in between appointments and continue improvement, but even then, we tend to forget what they suggested or maybe going to those appointments and hearing their reminders held you accountable for practicing what you need to at home.

This post will give some self-care options that you can give a try. I will make sure they are simple and something that you won’t have to set aside an hour to do (unless you want to!). 

Just as a disclaimer; I am not a doctor, I do not prescribe, and these are not replacements for prescriptions or advice from a licensed healthcare provider.


Self-massage is a great option for caring for yourself at home and maintaining the work your massage therapist has done for you in between sessions. This doesn’t have to be exactly like what your massage therapist does since you aren’t trained in massage (unless you are a massage therapist reading this post! Then you are at an advantage!). These can be simple and tools may be used to help you with your self-massage. Some things you can do are facial & scalp massage, use a foam roller, foot reflexology, and more. Here’s a link to my video on self massage for the face and scalp! For more information on self reflexology, here is a link to a wonderful book that teaches you how to use reflexology for yourself. 


Meditation is a great practice to be doing or even start for the first time right now! It helps you to get out of your mind with the continuous thoughts, questions, and “what-ifs?”. It brings you back down into your body and into the awareness of the present moment. I personally started a meditation practice to help control my anxiety. I had constant running thoughts of what happened in the past and what might happen in the future and was never fully present. A meditation practice helps you realize that there really only is a NOW and if you’re not present in it, you’ll miss so many opportunities. It also teaches us that we can only control what happens to us NOW. Minute by minute. If you are a parent, this is something that you can even do with your kids at home. Here is a link for more information!


While you can’t go to the spa, you can always bring the spa to you! It’s so great to pamper yourself and make yourself feel human again. This could be soaking your feet with some lovely lavender epsom salts, giving yourself a manicure with a happy polish color, taking a bath with some essential oils, or even just a simple face masque! Whatever you choose to do, it doesn’t have to take all day and it doesn’t have to be complicated. It could just be adding one of these spa options to the end of your night as something different from your normal everyday routine. I love to throw on a facial masque and sit down to read a good book before bed or soak my feet while I’m watching my favorite nightly TV show! If you’re in need of some great organic skin care from a small business check out these links here and here

So whatever you choose to do for self-care at home, make sure to keep it as simple or as extensive as you need because remember this is SELF care. It’s about taking care of YOU! 

Stay home. Stay calm. Stay safe.

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