Slowing Down During Menses

This post is going to be a little different from the other posts that I have made before! This is not only going to be more on the spiritual side but written specifically for women! As a reminder I am not a doctor, I do not prescribe, and this is not to be a substitute for your health care provider’s advice. If you are experiencing premenstrual symptoms that are causing interference in your normal daily activities, please see your doctor or OB-GYN.

The Sacred Cycle 

Our menstrual period has been a sacred time since ancient times. In communities, women’s cycles would end up synchronized and they would bleed at the same time. Some cultures – for example, Native Americans – would even have special huts called “moon huts”! Women would gather here to bleed together and it was thought that during this more intuitive time in a women’s cycle that they would be able to receive messages on how to hunt and gather. 

Periods in Today’s Society

Today in our modern society, we mostly view our periods as dirty and shameful. This stems from centuries of other cultures and religions giving the sacred period a shameful presence even today. Many of us try to suppress any symptoms of our period or use methods to make our period not arrive at all!

Some believe that the negative attitude and shame towards menses creates stronger, more numerous symptoms of PMS such as cramping, irritability, depression, anxiety, and more. Which makes sense because these menstrual symptoms are all signs to slow down, honor your body, and be receptive. So listen to them!

Seasons, the Moon, and Your Period

Our entire menstrual cycle reflects the seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn) and the moon phases (new, waxing, full, and waning). Your cycle does not have to match up exactly with the actual moon phases – although it can happen at some point and it is super powerful and magical! – rather it mimics the energy around the moon cycle and seasons. 

Menses reflects Winter and the new moon energy. These are times to turn inward and do some self-care, reflecting, and release old energies, ideas, and habits. Creating space to receive more fully. This is our true divine feminine time! 

Listen to these signs to slow down. Tune in to what you need physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! 

Slowing Down When You’re Busy

If you’re usually tuned into your masculine energy during most of your cycle, being a busy student, mom, employee, etc, then you may be wondering “How in the world can I receive and slow down for a week?” 


If you don’t already have a meditation practice then this is a good time to be meditating. This gives you even just 15 minutes of quiet time to slow down and go inward. This also helps you to relax if you tend to get anxious during your period.


Journaling is great for menses since there are a lot of emotions and possible ideas and thoughts going through your head. You can use a journal to tune into how your feeling during this time and write it down. If you have an artistic side, this is a great opportunity to doodle your emotions! 

Express Your Needs

Although sometimes our loved ones know you inside and out, they’re still not mind-readers! Let them know that you need to take a little extra time for yourself this week to relax. 

Rest Up!

Your body is doing some powerful things and shedding blood and nutrients through your womb’s lining. So you definitely want to get a little extra rest. Maybe think about going to bed an extra 30 minutes early or if you have the ability, take a nap! 

Be receptive

When having conversations, let others do most of the talking, and just receive what they’re saying. Be passive as long as it’s appropriate to be. Being receptive will let you be able to process things a little differently during this time. Being receptive can also mean not pushing to find things to do or forcing ideas for a project. If you give yourself space, it will come to you naturally. 


Giving yourself a gentle, soothing abdomen massage can do a lot for those cramps you’re experiencing! It’s also great for if you tend to get restless or experience some sad emotions during menses. This is a wonderful way to tune in to how you’re feeling physically as well as emotionally.

Gentle Exercise

Exercises like yoga or taking walks are great to keep you moving a little during this sacred time. They are also a mindful practice so that you can stay in tune with your body and mind. If you have a normal workout routine and are able to do it during your period then go for it! You know your limits.

Create A Ritual

The last and most important thing here is to create your own ritual. You don’t have to be superwoman and do all of these things in addition to your normal daily tasks during menses. That would be a bit counterproductive here! Pick maybe 3 of your favorite things to do to slow down during menses and practice them during that week! Your ritual could even be as simple as taking a bath or sipping on some herbal tea at nighttime. Whatever you choose, make sure you enjoy it and let’s start celebrating our sacred cycle by slowing down and tuning in!

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