What Energy Work Is NOT

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There are a lot of ideas about what energy work is and what it looks like. There are also a lot of misconceptions of what energy work does. I’m here to clarify a few of these things for you today. A lot of books and blogs and articles tell us what energy work is, but I’m going to tell you what energy work is NOT! 


When you think of energy work what do you picture? Some might bring up the image of Professor Trelawney from the Harry Potter series. She’s dressed in these hippie-dippie clothes, burns an obnoxious amount of incense, and is utterly dramatic while teaching or giving predictions and bad news with her tea leaf readings. Although there are some of us (myself included) who love our incense and crystal jewelry, we’re a bit more realistic and dialed down compared to Sybill Trelawney.

Others may think of energy work as involving being psychic, claiming to cure people’s diseases with the touch of their hands, or even energy work being part of a religion. So let’s debunk this! 


1. NOT a cure

So this is a big one and I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. WE DO NOT CURE ANYTHING!

Ok. So now that we have the basics down….let me explain. Although you may have seen energy work described as things like “Reiki healing”, “energy healing”, “hands-on healing”, etc. It does not mean we are curing anything. 

There is a difference between healing and curing. And the best way to explain this is how Lissa Rankin M.D. said it in her article on Psychology Today “But healing and curing are inherently different. Curing means ‘eliminating all evidence of disease,’ while healing means ‘becoming whole’.” You can read her awesome article here.

2. NOT a religion

Energy work like Reiki is not a religion. Although it is spiritual in nature, we are not forcing you to convert to anything. Spirituality is found in all religions and also in none. 

I personally love how spiritually is explained in this sentence – “Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience—something that touches us all.” The University of Minnesota published this article on their website and they even go into comparing differences of religion and spirituality as well as their shared elements.  

3. I am NOT a psychic

No. I cannot read your mind during the session (and a lot of mediums I know don’t hear your inner dialog either), nor can I tell you if you have a certain disease/ what is causing your exact pain. So be rest assured that your thoughts are safely tucked away in your own mind during our session together. 

4. This is NOT a once and done deal

Trust me when I say, if I could help you in one session, that would be my dream. Unfortunately, healing takes work. And to reiterate, I’m not magical enough to cure you by placing my hands on you. 

I like to explain energy work like physical therapy. Your PT works with you during your session at their office and gives you “homework” to do at home so that you can continue to strengthen and heal your injury. You don’t do your homework, but you still come in for your scheduled sessions with your PT. Now, you are still getting that 1:1 time with the professional who shows you techniques and helps guide you through it, but if you’re not doing any work at home yourself, you’re not going to gain that strength back like you would if you were to practice those techniques at home.

Same thing with energy healing!! I’m there to hold a healing space for you and be a channel for the energy (and not my own energy btw!). I’m supporting you during your own healing journey as are the other practitioners and doctors you might be seeing as well! Which brings me to my last one.

5. This IS your healing journey

Not mine, not your doctors, not your massage therapists. YOURS! You are a healer too. I believe this because you are doing 90% of the work. YOU made the decision to heal. YOU made the appointments and met with your “healing team” members. And be sure to include other practitioners that can help you! Depending on what your goal is, this could include a therapist, your doctor/surgeon, a nutritionist, massage therapist, chiropractor, etc. Energy work is only part of healing journey! 

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