What Energy Work Is NOT

There are a lot of ideas about what energy work is and what it looks like. There are also a lot of misconceptions of what energy work does. I’m here to clarify a few of these things for you today. A lot of books and blogs and articles tell us what energy work is, butContinue reading “What Energy Work Is NOT”

Slowing Down During Menses

This post is going to be a little different from the other posts that I have made before! This is not only going to be more on the spiritual side but written specifically for women! As a reminder I am not a doctor, I do not prescribe, and this is not to be a substituteContinue reading “Slowing Down During Menses”

Self-care during COVID-19

During this pandemic I think a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed, lost, and depleted. We’re worrying about our health and our loved ones’ health,  wondering when this will calm down so that we can resume our normal daily lives.  Oftentimes in stressful situations, especially ongoing, we forget to take a few moments to careContinue reading “Self-care during COVID-19”

How I got into massage therapy

What made me interested?I started a career in cosmetology after I graduated from a technical high school and got a job at a local salon and spa. I received my first massage at my place of work with an awesome massage therapist! I felt so at ease afterwards and thought “Wow. This is something else!”.Continue reading “How I got into massage therapy”